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Place of celebration Place:  Perú, Lima
Organizer ico Organizer: Aguilar, Laos, Limas & Associates
Date ico Date start: 11/01/2013
Date end: 13/01/2013
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The Sonesta El Olivar Hotel is in front of El Olivar Park. It is located in theattractive business and residential district of San Isidro in Lima, Peru. Its unique location provides easy access to important institutions and major corporations as well as boutiques, shopping centers, restaurants and nightlife.
Known as one of Lima’s best hotels, the Sonesta El Olivar Lima combines the tranquility of San Isidro's majestic "Olive Grove Wood" with comfort and services suitable for either business or leisure travel.

 We have obtained special rates for the Conference at US$ 140.00 plus 10% taxes for a Single or Double Executive Room.  Breakfast Buffet is included.  

 Please confirm your attendance no later than December 11th, 2011 to secure the Conference rates. When reserving your room, please mention the Ilfa E-Jure Event rates.

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ILFA E-Iure Members and special guests.


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  • 19:30 - 21:00 Welcome Cocktail at the Sonesta El Olivar Hotel.(Dress code: Business Casual)


  • 08:00- 09:00 Breakfast Buffet will be served at the Hotel´s restaurant. (Dress Code: Business Casual)
  • 09:00 - 10:00 Conference: “Transparency and information in the peruvian securities market” Speaker: Dr. Lilian Rocca Carbajal

    “Dr. Lilian Rocca Carbajal was born in Lima, Peru. She has a law degree and a Masters in International Relations with a specialization in External PublicManagement from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru.  Currently, she is the Superintendent of the Stock Market  Office and was recently the past Director of the Faculty of Law at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, and a former external consultant for the International Monetary Found in banking matters. She is a former Board member for private companies of the Peruvian stock market and banking market as well as an expert in international finances, financial law, stock market and international negotiations. She is the author of several publications and is an undergraduate and post-graduate university professor. 

    Dr. Lilian Rocca Carbajal  is also the former Chair of the Board of Directors of the Peruvian Security & Exchange Commission for Companies and Securities (CONASEV) and the Superintendent of Legal Advice for the Superintendence ofBanking and Insurance and for the former Superintendence of Pension Funds (AFP). She was a Legal Manager for two Peruvian banks and a Legal Advisor for the Central Division for International Affairs at the Development & Finance Corporation (COFIDE). 

    She was a Board member at several well known public institutions, such as the Empresa Nacional de Puertos (National Ports Authority), (CONASEV), the Lima Bar Association, and the Cabinet of Advisors of the Ministry of Justice. Finally, she is a former Chair and member of the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Finance Company (Caja Metropolitana de Lima). Dr. Lilian Rocca Carbajal speaks three languages: Spanish, English and Italian.”


  • 11: 00 - 12:30 Conference: “Free Trade Agreement” Speaker: Dr. Patricia Teullet.

    Dr. Patricia Teullet is an economist, a columnist on economic issues for the Peru 21 Newspaper, the General Manager of COMEX,  and is the Director of two publications: “International Business” and  “Weekly Analysis of Economic Situation”,  where she is responsible for the magazine’s editorial. She is a Board Member of the Banco del Trabajo and La Pampilla Refinery. She was the Second Minister of Social Development for the Ministry of the Presidency and a board member for the  Development Finance Corporation (COFIDE)
  • 13:00 Lunch. Suggested Restaurants: Tanta, News Café, Lima 27, Mercado.
  • 14:00 - 16:00 Visit to "The Constitutional Court".

    “The Constitutional Court is the supreme body of interpretation and control of constitutionality. It is autonomous and independent, because in the exercise of its powers is independent of any other constitutional body; it is only regulated by the Peruvian Constitution and the organic law Nº 28301. The Constitutional Court has been entrusted with upholding the principle of constitutional supremacy, it means, take care  that the laws or acts of state bodies do not undermine the provisions of it. As the supreme interpreter of the Peruvian Constitution, intervenes to restore respect towards the Peruvian supreme law and the constitutional rights in general.”

  • 17:15 Dinner. Suggested Restaurants: Central, Astrid & Gaston, Rafael, Malabar. (Dress Code: Business Casual)


  • 08:00 - 09:00  Breakfast Buffet will be served at the Hotel´s restaurant. (Dress Code: Business Casual)
  • 10:00 Visit "The Governmental Palace" (Dress Code: Business Casual) 

    The Governmental Palace is the main residence of Peru’s President. It is considered an historical monument because it incorporates different styles of architecture and has been a guest house for many important visitors.  It is located in Lima’s main plaza.  The Governmental Palace has various ceremonial halls such as the Salon Dorado (Golden Hall), which was inspired by the Gallery of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles (France).

  • 16:00 - 17:00 Conference: "Global Uncertainty and emerging markets financial systems - Lessons from Peru". Speaker: Dr. Enrique Díaz Ortega.

    Dr. Enrique Diaz is an economist with a Bachelor of Arts and Licentitate from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru and a PhD in Economics from Cornell University. Dr. Diaz began his career in the Economic Research Division of the Central Bank, where he was promoted to Deputy General Manager. He was the Deputy Superintendent of the Private Pension Funds (AFPs), CEO and Chairman of CONASEV (Peruvian Security & Exchange Authority), Superintendent of SUNAT (Peruvian Tax Authority), as well as Vice – Chairman of OSIPTEL (Telecommunications Regulator). He is an international specialist in capital markets, pension and financial systems and has led reforms of markets in Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador and Honduras. 
    In Peru, he spear-headed the reform that modernized the capital market and was also responsible for the technical design for the launching of the private pension system (AFPs). At the regional level, he was a member of the team in charge of managing the “Rating Fund.” He is also an expert on Corporate Governance and is the author of the Master CorporateGovernance Code for state – owned companies.
    Enrique Diaz is a Professor and Lecturer on capital markets, macroeconomic, and monetary policy. He has managed ILD projects in Egypt (Reform) and Tanzania (Diagnosis and Reform) on formalization and capitalization of assets. Currently, he is the Chairman of “Mercado de Capitales, Inversiones y Finanzas” a consultancy firm, specializing in economic and financial matters for the Capital Markets and Financial System. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors for Banco de Comercio in Peru.

  • 19:15 Dinner offered by Laos, Aguilar, Limas & Asociados
    Nancy Laos ´s house
    Address: Emancipación 113- Surco (Dress code: Casual)

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