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Madrid 1
 Place of celebration Place:  Madrid, Spain
 Organizer ico Organizer: LR Abogados
 Date ico Date start: 14/07/2006
Date end: 16/07/2006
attendes ico
Hoxha Memi & Hoxha (Albania) Kraft&Winternitz (Austria) Indacochea y Asociados Abogados (Bolivia) Bazlyankov Stanoev&Tasehev Law Office (Bulgary) Estudio Jurídico Otero (Chile) Vatier&Associes (France) Junge Schüngeler&Partner (Germany) NDLO South Attorneys (India) Bangun Hermawan&Partners (Indonesia) Antonelli Cocuzza&Associati (Italy) Cavinet Morales Advocates (Luxembourg) Bitar Marcin&Asociados (Mexico) Kaiser Van As (The Netherlands) Ferrero Lima Solari &Santibáñez (Perú) Sousa Machado Ferreira da Costa & Asociados (Portugal) Janezic Jarkovic (Slovenia) LR Abogados (Spain) Stringer Saul LLP (UK)

schedule ico 

FRIDAY: JUL 14TH, 2006

  • 12:30  Lawyers will visit the Supreme Court Building. Mr. Berbell Member of the Council of Justice in Spain will give as a welcome message.
  • 14:00 1st Session: With representative clients we will take a cold-lunch/wine tasting in the meeting room. That’s the way we will introduce you, and insofar as you talk to them you may probably increase your goodwill.
  • 16:00 As usual we will discuss our goals, targets, mistakes...
  • 21:00 We have got a reservation in the Restaurant “Chantarella” quite close to our office. This is a quite prestigious Restaurant in Madrid. No jackets or formal attire is required. This is the traditional dinner in which attendants use to come with their companion.


    • 09:00 2nd Session: Conclusions: Wish and Hopes.
    • 12:30  The whole group will travel by bus to Segovia[1] (one of 51 Spanish cities). Segovia's main attractions are the nearly intact Roman aqueduct, The Cathedral[2] and the Alcazar (Fortified Palace). It’s about 1 hour far from Madrid. We will enjoy the medieval old city and we will probably eat in one of its popular restaurants.
    • 16:30 The whole group will travel by bus to La Granja de San Ildefonso (10 Kms/10 minutes far from Segovia)
    • 22:30 Back to Madrid.

 SUNDAY JUL 16TH, 2006

    • 08:30 The whole group will travel to Cuenca[4] (other of 51 Spanish cities). It´s about 90 minutes from Madrid.
    • 11:00 Reception hosted by the Major of the City in Cuenca’s City Hall.
    • 12:00 Guided Tour to Modern Art Museum[5]
    • 13:00 A walk in Cuenca
    • 14:00 Lunch at Restaurant “Mirador del Huecar”. This Restaurant formerly was the private house of a very famous popular singer in Latin America and Spain: José Luis Perales. The views are unforgettable and the environment is unbelievable.
    • 16:30 Back to Madrid