Kraft Rechtsanwalts GmbH


The law firm of Kraft Rechtsanwalts GmbH was established in 1987 and is based in Vienna. The firm provides a comprehensive range of services to corporate and private clients with national or international interests. Unlike large law firms, Kraft Rechtsanwalts GmbH partners can ensure the sustained individual attention on which the successful solution to a case so often depends. 
Through its expert contact in the world of business, Kraft Rechtsanwalts GmbH has access to the specialist knowledge and experience required to respond more effectively to today´s increasingly complex world. These strengths are further reinforced by the firm´s international network of law and accounting offices in the European Union, Central Europe and beyond – all of which share a belief in the importance and value of personal contact and responsibility in the practice of law. 
In Austria, Kraft Rechtsanwalts GmbH keeps in close touch with accountants, tax advisers, notaries public, real estate brokers and managers, insurance agents and the banking and financial institutions, as well as the numerous experts required to give evidence in court. As a member of the Austrian Bar Association, the firm can represent clients before all the Austrian Courts, including the Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court. Such strengths allow Kraft Rechtsanwalts´s to respond to the most challenging tasks.