Since its foundation some 25 years ago in Cologne, at the economic and geographical heart of Germany, JUNGE . SCHÜNGELER . WENDLAND has been mainly focusing on advising enterprises and corporations and their respective operations on corporate, business, labor and trade law both in Germany and abroad. Over the years, these core competences have been consequently expanded to other fields like Bankruptcy and Creditors rights, M&A, Tax Consulting, Trademark & Patent Laws, Contracts, Family and Inheritance Law, Non-Profit Organizations, Real Estate and Construction Law.

Being strongly business-oriented from the outset, JUNGE . SCHÜNGELER . WENDLAND has developed a philosophy of pragmatic “deal making” instead of “deal breaking.” We consider the law to be just another tool to achieve and increase the economic success of our clients. In an increasingly complex and specialized economic environment, this approach requires profound knowledge about national and international tax systems and jurisdictions. In addition to the extensive know-how on this subject provided by the several tax advisors in our own ranks, a very close cooperation with the renowned OFM Oebel, Fröhlich, Michels GmbH auditors and tax consultants puts us in a position to offer tailor-made solutions to our clients´ wide-ranging needs and requirements, from very specific legal advice to the elaboration of their financial statements. 
Anticipating the far reaching impact of globalization and European integration, JUNGE . SCHÜNGELER . WENDLAND  readily responded to its clients´ growing expectations of an international service by joining several international networks and developing close ties to a large number of individual correspondents worldwide and nationwide years ago. We therefore are well prepared to meet any challenge in our field, relying traditionally on cooperation on a non-exclusive basis, choosing German and international correspondents alike in response to the specific requirements of each case. 

Due to its international alignment and its strongly developed approach to international teamwork, JUNGE . SCHÜNGELER . WENDLAND  is able to provide truly international service for its clients both in Germany and abroad. As a team of highly qualified and internationally trained lawyers, tax consultants, paralegals and professionals, we are fully committed to giving our clients outstanding care and advice and meeting their needs, expectations and objectives by providing them with the most effective, efficient and high standard of legal services.